Tutto Freddo Advanced Cold Dessert Technology

Tutto Freddo Cold Dessert Techology
Advanced Cold Desserts Technology

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Carpigiani Gelato Batch Freezer LB-502
Perfect Gelato, Ice Creams & Sorbets With Every Batch!

Carpigiani Gelato Batch Freezers LB-502

The all new LB-502G RTX Batch Freezers incorporate the latest in state-of-the-art Batch Freezer technology, offering a greater range of batch sizes with precision control of product quality. Make large or small quantities of your favorite Gelato, Ice Cream, Sorbet, Sherbet, Water Ice and more, with consistent results. Our patented Hard-O-Dynamic system produces a consistent finished product, regardless of batch size, with greater stability and better storage characteristics. Carpigiani batch freezers offer the lowest power consumption in the industry while providing some of the quickest batch times.

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Carpigiani Gelato Batch Freezers LB-502 Carpigiani Gelato Batch Freezers LB-502 models

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