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Carpigiani Soft Serve Freezers
For perfect soft serve ice cream and yogurt!

Carpigiani Soft Serve Freezers

Carpigiani offers a complete selection of soft serve ice-cream and frozen yogurt machines. Choose one of the popular "twist" models or a single flavor unit.

Our compact counter models produce big profits in small places. The floor model soft serve freezers range from a unique self-contained flavor striper to the highest production model in the industry. The simplicity of our touch pad controls make all of the Carpigiani soft serve freezers easy to operate yet provides maximum control, and flexibility.

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Carpigiani Soft Serve Freezer UC-1131-G/P Carpigiani Soft Serve Freezer UC-1131-G/P

Carpigiani Gelato Batch Freezers LB-302 Carpigiani Soft Serve Freezer UF-253-G/P

Carpigiani Gelato Batch Freezer LB-1002Carpigiani Drink and Slush Machines